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New Book Release: "Addressing Domestic Violence in the Church"

Helga and Bob completed their new book entitled "Addressing Domestic Violence in the Church."  Here is a brief description:

"Women in some churches today are given false information about 'submission' 'headship' and 'marital permanence.' Abusive men take advantage of these harmful mistranslations and misinterpretations of the Bible to justify their violent and controlling behavior.

In this book, the authors wish to educate abused women, churches and domestic violence services about these harmful misinterpretations of the Bible. The authors also address the following topics: codependence, identifying and responding to abuse, why men abuse, and the danger of enabling abuse to continue.

It is important that church leaders not avoid the topic of domestic violence, but take a leadership role in educating their congregations about abuse, and the importance of equal, loving and respectful relationships."

If you would like Helga and/or Bob to come and speak on this issue, please feel free to contact them.