What Is Awake Deborah?

"Awake Deborah" is the ministry of Helga and Bob Edwards.  Helga and Bob have been married since 1988.  They have been Therapists and Public Speakers since 1996.  Both have Bachelor's degrees in Religious Education and Social Development Studies, as well as Master's degrees in Social Work.  In 2013, they each received the Delta Epsilon Chi Award for Intellectual Achievement, Christian Character and Leadership Ability, from the Association for Biblical Higher Education.  Their hope is to use the gifts and training that God has given them to help people experience freedom and wholeness in their lives and relationships. 

Information about Public Speaking, Support Groups, Training to Address Domestic Violence, Books, Blogs, their Online Course, Other Resources and upcoming Events can be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.  To listen to their podcast series, "The Bible Message without Patriarchy," just click on the Podcasts tab.  Please feel free to use the Contact tab if you would like Helga and/or Bob to come and speak at your church, organization or other group.  Please also feel free to contact them with any questions or comments you may have.


  • Sharing the good news about Jesus through preaching, teaching, writing and music
  • Standing for the equality of women and men in the Christian faith.
  • Providing training, support groups and educational presentations aimed at promoting mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health.

Where We Speak

Helga and Bob are available to speak at women's groups, counseling agencies, women's shelters, retreats, conferences, churches, youth events, high schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, camps etc..  They are also happy to speak to any informal group of 10 or more people, including home groups.  Please feel free to contact them if you would like them to speak to your group.

Awake, awake Deborah; awake, utter a song: arise Barak, and lead captivity captive.
— Judges 5:12