Each book that Bob and Helga have written has its own blog.  This allows them to highlight information related to a given topic, and to provide detailed answers to common questions sent to them via the contact tab or social media. Clicking on the title of each blog will open it in a separate window.

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Includes articles about:

  • the novel

  • how women have historically been treated in patriarchal societies

  • implications regarding women in the church today.

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  • Includes articles to help identify and address factors in the church related to domestic violence and abuse.

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The Equality Workbook blog

  • Includes articles to help identify and remove patriarchal bias from Bible translation and commentary

  • Also includes articles related to recovering from the harmful effects of patriarchy (male power)

Let My People Go image.jpg

Let My People Go Blog

  • Includes articles that advocate the equality of women in the Christian faith

A God I'd Like to Meet Image.png

A God I'd Like to Meet Blog

  • Includes articles that highlight the influence of ancient Greek philosophy on the Christian faith

  • This influence has impacted the church's view of women, free will, and human emotion

Jesus Messiah cover with outline.jpg

Jesus the Messiah Blog

  • Includes articles related to the death, resurrection and return of Jesus Christ

  • The implications of these events for each of us today are highlighted


Apostle's Warning Blog

  • Includes articles that explore the meaning of 1 Timothy 2:12-15, in the passage's original language and context

  • Special attention is paid to the nature of the false teaching Paul was warning against in 1st century Ephesus

  • "False" teaching was the focus of his concern; not "women" teachers